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A reliable backup & data protection strategy is now critical for any organisation, no matter what the size.

Backup can often be regarded as a ‘tick box’ exercise, but when it really comes down to it, it’s all about recovery… How quickly can you restore your data? Can your organisation continue its key activities if a critical server goes down? Can you recover from your backups at all!? These questions need an answer if you want the true peace of mind that your mission-critical data and applications remain safe, secure, and available.

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Failsafe Cloud Backups

Our Cloud backup service offers a failsafe solution that ensures your business critical data is available for immediate restore in the event of loss or failure.

Every business is dependant on its IT and the critical files and data they have. This means that the ability to recover from almost any sort of natural disaster, an operational crisis, or even simple data corruption or loss, can be necessary for survival.

This has always been difficult for SMBs. Backup solutions have been difficult to configure and manage, and a truly flexible and reliable solution has tended to be expensive, but with us this is no longer the case. You can protect your business without it costing a fortune in time or money

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