Staff training

Build your cybersecurity culture through training that's empowering, enjoyable and effective

Cyber Security

Cyber Awareness

90% of breaches occur as a result of human error. Build your resilience and protect your organisation with cyber awareness training.

Phishing Simulations

Phishing attacks are growing more sophisticated and dangerous by the day. Give your workforce the tools to spot and stop attacks.

Compliance Training

Ensure continuous compliance and be audit-ready with GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and PCI-DSS compliance training.

Policy Management

Upload SCORM-compliant courses, internal policy documents and more to ensure compliance throughout your organisation.

Stop your employees from causing security incidents without the hefty price tags and without adding to your workloads.

Our unique fully managed SATT (Security Awareness Training and Testing) service provides phishing testing and cybersecurity training to keep your employees vigilant towards cybercrime.

A key part of the Cyber Security Awareness ethos is the belief that all security services should be effective and achieve results. We offer all of our services as fully managed, utilising our growing team of expert engineers to deliver a bespoke experience for every customer.

Often a bespoke, fully managed service that is tailored for each organisation is associated with a high cost. Cyber Security Awareness’ mission is to provide high-quality services at incredibly competitive prices, making our services accessible for all organisations, of all sizes in all sectors. We achieve this by keeping everything in-house, including our content creation and delivery teams.

All of our content, including training videos and phishing templates, is created in-house to maximise control and quality. Cyber Security Awareness regularly monitor the cyber security market to ensure that our content is more professional, suitable and concise than everything else currently available.

We also pride ourselves on language support, enabling any organisation from around the globe to benefit from our services.

Our detailed reports across all of our services enable customers to understand exactly how their employees are performing and allows us to see where we can put attention to make improvements. Plus, detailed reports help your organisation to secure compliance, whether this be ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus or GDPR.


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