Business WiFi

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Business WiFi

Benefits of Business WiFi

Flexibility and Mobility

Allow employees to move freely around the office without losing connectivity, supporting modern work practices like hot-desking and remote working within the office.

Easily Extend Coverage

Expand your WiFi coverage to any part of your business premises, including outdoor areas, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout.

Provide Internet Access in Mobile Broadband Deadspots

Ensure consistent and reliable internet access for all mobile devices, even in areas where mobile broadband coverage is weak or non-existent.

Reduced Need for Ethernet Cables

Decrease the reliance on physical cabling, reducing clutter and installation costs while maintaining network flexibility.

Separate Public and Private Networks

Configure multiple SSIDs to create distinct networks for guests and internal use, ensuring security and prioritising bandwidth for critical business operations.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offer guest WiFi to improve customer satisfaction, particularly in client-facing industries like retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

Internet connection

Business WiFi

A1 IT Solutions supply, install and support business-grade Wireless Access Points, delivering reliable, secure, and fast WiFi networks tailored to your organisation's needs. Our solutions ensure seamless connectivity both indoors and outdoors, extending your coverage wherever necessary. We can configure multiple wireless networks, providing a dedicated guest or public WiFi for your customers while ensuring your private network remains secure and protected.

Why Connect Access Points instead of using an extender or booster?

Access points are designed to handle more simultaneous connections and provide higher overall throughput compared to extenders or boosters.

Extenders typically repeat the signal, which can lead to a reduction in signal strength and quality as you move further away from the main router and extender, slowing down the network, especially under heavy usage.

VoIP Phone Systems (Voice over IP)
Business WiFi with Guest Network

Why use a Wireless Access Point rather than a Wireless Router?

A wireless router's coverage is limited and expanding it would require extenders or boosters which can degrade performance.

Wireless routers can struggle with high traffic volumes as they need to manage both routing and wireless functions which can impact performance.

A wireless router's placement is often limited by the need to connect directly to the internet source, which may not be the optimal location for wireless coverage.

Wireless routers may not offer advanced features that are available of business-grade Wireless Access Points e.g. separate guest network.

A single router represents a single point of failure - if it goes down, the whole network goes down. Multiple Access Points can provide redundancy by overlapping coverage.

Fibre Broadband

We supply and support full fibre broadband (FTTP – Fibre To The Premises) and SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access).

Digital Signage

We install and support digital signage solutions.


We install and support business CCTV solutions.

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