Cat5 Cabling

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Ethernet cables

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Ethernet cable provides faster data speeds than over-the-air networks

Stable & Reliable

No packet loss on data transfer


Ethernet provides additional security compared to OTA networks

Network switches and ethernet cables

What is Cat5 cabling?

Cat 5 or Category 5 cable, also known as an Ethernet cable or LAN cable, is a network cable that consists of four twisted pairs of copper wires terminated in an RJ45 connector. It is used in home and commercial networks and offers data transfer speeds of up to 1Gbps. The maximum recommended length of a Cat 5 cable is 100 meters. Exceeding this length without the help of a bridge or other network device can cause network problems, including data problems. Loss of packets and deterioration in data transfer speed.

Why is it beneficial?

Cat5 cabling/ethernet provides a range of benefits over alternative connections, including:

  • Faster network speeds
  • Less latency
  • More bandwidth
  • More reliable
  • Secure
VoIP Phone Systems (Voice Over IP)

Want resilient networking?

Use our network to deliver calls and services when and how you want them.

Our Solutions

We offer a range of network cable services for your home or business including:

  • Complete design and installation of a structured cabling network.
  • Updates and additions to a current data cable network.
  • Technical support, testing and fault finding services.
  • External inter-building and outhouse connections.

Installation is easier than you think!

Ethernet cabling

Business WiFi

We supply and install Business-grade Wireless Access Points to create reliable and secure wifi networks for you and your customers.


We provide Full Fibre Broadband, also known as Fibre To The Premises (FTTP).

Leased Lines

We provide Leased Lines, sometimes referred to as Dedicated Internet Access.

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