Leased Lines

Our solution provides High Bandwidth ServicesDedicated LinesVoice and Data Connectivity

Internet connection

Future proof your business


A dedicated ethernet connection ensures reliability and security.

Symmetrical Speeds

Upload and download data at the same fast speed.


Utilised by businesses that rely on cloud-based services and need stability.


Scalable, Secure & Robust

Leased lines deliver reliability and outstanding performance for voice and data connectivity. Plus, it's available in almost any location, regardless of whether fibre is available or not. With speeds of up to 10Gbps and ultra-low latency, it can handle hosted telephony applications, multiple VoIP telephone calls, and data-heavy applications with ease.

Superior Connectivity

The work environment has changed and as businesses move to more flexible and remote working, high speed internet connectivity enables you to support businesses who want to deliver flexibility and take advantage of cloud-based applications such as VoIP.

  • Essential for business continuity
  • Ideal for high-bandwidth requirements and multiple locations
  • Connectivity is the umbilical cord for every business

Connect with confidence

Outstanding performance for voice and data connectivity

Key Benefits

Support 24/7

Speeds from 10 megabits to 10 gigabits or more

Dedicated uncontested line, no line sharing

Simultaneous speeds


High Performance & Resilient

Leased Line FAQ

A leased line is a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) line providing a private, high-speed, and reliable internet connection exclusively for a single business.

Leased lines offer uncontended, guaranteed bandwidth and symmetrical speeds (same upload and download speeds), unlike other broadband services (including FTTP), which are shared and can be slower during peak times.

The cost of a Leased Line depends on factors such as the required bandwidth, the distance between the business and the service provider, and additional features like Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and support options. Generally, leased lines are more expensive than standard broadband due to their superior performance and reliability.



We provide full fibre broadband known as FTTP (Fibre to the Premises).

CAT5 Cabling

We install CAT5 cabling.

Business WiFi

We supply and install business-grade Wireless Access Points to provide secure and reliable wifi networks for you and your customers.

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